Che Guevara Facts

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He helped overthrow a military dictatorship
The Batista Dictatorship was immensely unpopular and (embarrassingly) was backed by the United States. The reason his vastly outnumbers and out resourced guerilla army was able to overthrow thid dictsator was the fact that the peasants backed the army.

He and his rebel army had the backing of peasants
The rebeal army showed disicpline and restraint towards the peasants.  By contrasts, Batista’s army showed disdain for the peasants and executions were common,  It’s no surprise that the peasants overwhelimngly sided with the guesrillas.

Lived a modest life in accordance with his principles
Che was known for living according to a strict code that shunned material possessions.  To the dismay of this own family, he refused to use the state’s money for special priveleges.

His efforts began a series of reforms in Latin America
Che’s legacy appears to live on.  La Revolucion is not only popular in Cuba but in other parts of Latin America, including Mexico.  What’s more, other Latin American countries have begun to stand up for their interests and confront intrusive corporate oligarchies.

Cuba is better off today than most other Caribbean and Latin American countries
Little known fact: Cuba has a higher literacy rate, average lifespan and lower infant mortality rate than other Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Was a Communist, but before the weaknesses of Communism were generally known
One of the biggest criticism of Che is that he was a communist.  And while this is true, it’s important to keep in mind that this was well before the fall of the Berlin wall and at a time when the Russians were winning the space race.  The point: It was easy to believe that Communism was the wave of the future and would bury capitalism.